Ships Voyage


Folgero's Story Storyline Introduction Storyline Introduction by Randy A. Ellestad Whether truth or mythology spawned the accounts of daring found in the sagas, one little blue-eyed Norwegian boy, born and reared in the very heart of the Viking country, believed every word. One tale in particular enthralled him. That was the saga



History The Leif Erikson Ship was built in Korgen, Norway by local boat builders to replicate the type of ship sailed and the route used by the Vikings in their settlement of North America around 997 A.D. The 42 foot vessel was completed in April of 1926. Captain Gerhard Folgero and his



Asmund and his wife Frøydis visited Duluth many times. Asmund played a very key role in the restoration of the Leif Erikson. He worked with his brother Kirsten Petersen~Øverlier and restoration project volunteers, to ensure the work was done in a proper manner, using the authentic ways and supplies to rebuild

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