The Leif Erikson Viking Ship in Leif Erikson Park

The Leif Erikson Ship was moved on July 11, 2013,
to the LaFarge facility for secure storage and repairs
until the completion of its new display shelter.


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Several views of the Leif Erikson
 when it was located in Leif Erikson Park.

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The Leif Erikson Viking Ship was moved from Leif Erikson Park on Thursday, July 11, 2013, to the LaFarge waterfront facility for repairs and secure storage until the new shelter is constructed.

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An article about the Viking Ship being shrink-wrapped
to protect it from the elements as it awaits the
building of the permanent shelter.
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A new secure display building is being designed by
Krech Ojard & Associates, Inc., for the Leif Erikson and after completion the ship will again be relocated near Leif Erikson Park.

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