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Korgen, Norway

The Crew and the Launching

Excerpts from Captain Gerhard Folgaro's Diary:

...Only one day was spent in this place which Leif Erikson started....We were 50 miles off Agmajsolik, Greenland.  Here we encountered a hurricane from the North East with heavy fog and haziness, also drift ice, but we kept going for 3 days, a very dangerous and arduous sailing. 

About 100 miles north of Cape Farewell, we were closed in by the ice, but after a hard battle, which meant life or death, we finally succeeded in getting
out and clear of the drift ice....After several days
futile effort to find an open harbor, the course was
set for Labrador

....After sailing 13 days in nothing but fog we discovered we were 280 miles off Labrador.  The same evening, we met our first iceberg.  During the night a hurricane-like storm came up and heavy fog set in....

We tried to steer clear of the iceberg, but in the heavy fog it was a great undertaking....
But after strenuous work and with great care we succeeded in getting out of this trying situation, which was indeed a miracle....We were now near the coast of Labrador....We tried to land and find an ice-free port along the shore, but this was found to be impossible.

....The course was then set for St. Johns, Newfoundland, and after a hard battle and great exertion, we reached St. Johns July 20th, 1926.  We reached Boston, Massachusetts August 12th, 1926.  We had then covered 6,700 miles.

....We have during the entire time followed Leif Erikson's route taken in the year 997 A.D. ...We are the first who have preformed this achievement since the days of Leif and the smallest boat in fact that has sailed this route in history.


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