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In loving memory of these people who gave of their time
to support our project.

Board Members & Volunteers

Margaret Knudsen ~ Apr 9, 1909 - Nov 3, 1996

Kenny Lund ~ Dec 17, 1935 - Feb 7, 1997

Kristen Petersen-Øverlier ~ Mar 7, 1920 - Feb 2003

Rick "Lowtide" Loveid ~ Dec 25, 1959 - Apr 23, 2003

Verena Atkins ~ Nov 26, 1912 - Aug 10, 2003

Claude Bergstrand ~ Mar 8, 1927 - Jan 30, 2006

Asmund Petersen ~ Mar 18, 1924 - Mar 29, 2006

Alma Ramfjord ~ Jan 29, 1929 - June 15, 2007

Bob Ramfjord ~ Dec 22, 1926 - Jan 10, 2008

Yvonne Wellnitz ~ Nov 10, 1952 - Nov 24, 2008

Calvin Carroll ~ Feb 25, 1929 - Mar 17, 2012

Gerald "Jerry" Sime ~ Jan 7, 1931 - June 21, 2012

Frøydis Bredrup Petersen ~ Nov 11, 1934 - Sept 16, 2013

Elaine Almquist ~ June 7, 1927 - Mar 14, 2014

Contributions in Memory or Honour

2016 Gifts In Honour of
Borgen Family

2016 Gifts In Memoriam of
Borgen Family

2015 Gifts In Honour of
Thomas, Steven and Nancy Nygard
Larry Ronning
Loren Slafer

2015 Gifts In Memoriam of
Elaine Almquist
Frank W. Budd MD
Mrs. Lois Campbell
Calvin E. Carroll
Sylva and Einer Iverson
Art and Gunvor Johnson
Doris and Erik Judeen
Sid Leines
Dorothy Mickelson
Kristen Petersen-Øverlier
Jeno and Lois Paulucci
Edward M. Peterson
Leonard Sve and Verna Sve Torstenson
Arne E. Swanson
Erik Johannas Vikström
Yvonne Wellnitz

2014 Gifts In Honour of
Neill Atkins
Warren B. Franzen's 90th Birthday
Dr. Mark and Grace Monson
Gordon Seitz

2014 Gifts In Memoriam of
Calvin Edward Carroll
Calvin E. Carroll ~ Beloved Father
Shannon Denike
John and Mabel Ellestad
Rolf and Verona Hammer
Janet Nelson Hennessy
Gordon Jacobson
William S. Jones
Erik and Doris (Tordis) Judeen
Darrel E. Kempffer
Rudy Monsaas
Tallak and Gustava Oase
Max Oie
Art Ringsred
Sivert Johannes Sandvik
Emil and Deloris Svenkerud
Yvonne Wellnitz

2013 Gifts In Honour of
Past and Present Viking Ship Volunteers and Donors

2013 Gifts In Memoriam of
Howard Anderson
Verena Atkins
Marian C. Johnson
Conrad Lorntson
Marilyn Macor
Edward M. Peterson
Skip Porter

2012 Gifts In Honour of
Norse Federation - Lake Superior Region Chapter

2012 Gifts In Memoriam of
The Parents of Nancy Cayemberg
Betty Grobe
Rolf Hammer & Verona Bakken Hammer
Mr Einar Iverson
Rudy Monsaas
Captain Johann Roring
Aud Helen Verkooyen

2011 Gifts In Honour of
All Brave Sailors Lost at Sea
David and Sara Hammer
Asmund Petersen and Kristen Petersen~Øverlier
Christian Peterson
Jefferson Grade School Days - Grades 5 & 6

2011 Gifts In Memoriam of
Joseph Anich
Verena 'Fran' Atkins
Lucille Berg
The Parents of Ray and Nancy Cayemberg
Gladys Dallmann
Kenneth A. Dean
Audrey M. Ducharme
Ludvig Erikson
Mary P. Evans
Helmer Hawkinson
Einar and Sylvia Iverson
William S. Jones
Gordon "Gordy" A. Madson
Morgan McCool
Rudy Monsaas
Ralph E. Ohlgren
June Olsen
Dan Frazier Patch
Bob Pratt
Rev. John Reppe
A.C. Ringsred ~ Arthur C. Ringsred
Stanley Samdal
Emma Spillum
LaVerne Varland
Yvonne Wellnitz

2010 Gifts In Memoriam of
Ken Dean
Arthur Engstrom
Jeff "The Coachman" Lambie
Mary McCollar
Virginia S. Meyer

2009 Gifts In Memoriam of
Solveig Osell
Yvonne Wellnitz

2008 Gifts In Memoriam of
Verena Atkins
Mildred Berini
Marietta Gjessing
Ralph Johnson
Marvin Olson

Gudrun Ottersen
Dagney Pihle
Mildred (Borgen) Privett

2007 Gifts In Honour of
Pat & Becky Hall Children
Rosemary Hungerman
St Louis County Historical Society

2007 Gifts In Memoriam of
Sven & Elsie Andrews
Verena Atkins
Ernest Barstad
Art Carlson
Josephine & Andrew Carlson
Maria and Frank Contardo
Crew of the Original Ship
Petra Strand Ege
David Gibbens
Joseph A. Grammond
Grandfather of Arthur J. Greene
Helga & Martin Haglund
Norman Hansen
Arthur Hanson
William J. Hanson
Einar Iverson
Dorothy Johns
Rudolph Johnson
Mrs. R. Dodie Johnson
Jerry Jubie
Margaret Lien
James R. Marshall
William Matheson
Roger McKeever
Dr & Mrs. John R. McNutt
Hugh & Annette Miller
Helga Moline
Rudy C. Monsaas
Signey Olsen-Backman
Asmund Petersen
Kirsten Petersen~Øverlier
Edward M. Peterson
Elis Peterson
Vida Preston
Severan Andres Elias Rhode
Loved Ones Rodwold
Jim Ross
Herbert Rud
Thora Hagan Sowl
Parents of Dagmar Sternal
Jerry Sundal

2006 Gifts In Honour of
Neill A Atkins

2006 Gifts In Memoriam of
Claude Bergstrand
Lost Lives on Lake Superior
William Matheson
Asmund Petersen
Kirsten Petersen~Øverlier

2005 Gifts In Memoriam of
Grace Angvik
Jack Crooks
Ralph Eisenach

2004 Gifts In Memoriam of
Fran Atkins
Kenneth Kinney
Sidney H Leines
Arne Sabee
Emily Sabee

2003 Gifts In Memoriam of
Verena Atkins
Rudy C Monsaas
Kirsten Petersen-Øverlier

Would you like to remember a loved one or friend
 or honour them in a special way?

Donating to a non-profit organization can be a wonderful way to commemorate a person's life. Some people prefer to arrange for donations to their favorite charity in lieu of flowers at the funeral or memorial service. Many also like to make a regular practice of giving on an anniversary or birthday, or simply when the person comes to mind. You can remember someone close to you by making a donation, in their honour or memory, to the Leif Erikson Restoration Project.

This is a valuable and positive way to remember a loved one, while helping to provide a safe shelter for the Leif Erikson Viking Ship. In memory donations can be arranged through funeral directors or sent directly to us here at the Leif Erikson Restoration Project using our Donation form.

Simply add the name(s) to be memorialized or honoured on the printout in the space provided.

All donations of any amount are gratefully received and acknowledged. A letter detailing the total amount contributed will be sent after the funeral or memorial service.

The name of your loved one will be listed on this page as a thank you.

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