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On Behalf of The Viking Ship Restoration Project,
Save our Ship and Raise the Roof

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to ALL the people who have donated money to help the Restoration Project,  and to those who donated their time volunteering, along with everyone who patronized
the Viking Ship Lefse Booth, the Viking Ship Store and have participated in our many fundraising events over the years.

Click below to view photos of our many volunteers, patrons and past events:



2012 Yuletide Winter Solstice


2011 - 85th Anniversary Event


2007 - 80th Anniversary Celebration


2005 - Leif Erikson Celebration & Silent Auction


2004 - Fourth Fest & Folk Festival


Past Festivals


Rosemaling Festivals

Your Generosity is Very Much Appreciated.


The Ballad of the Leif Erikson

This ballad was written by Duluthian Gerry Ouelette
 in 1987 as a gift to the restoration project.

The Leif Erikson

Whistling wind and surging sea

the waters of the North

Power penetrates through me

like Viking songs of yore.


I Cry to the spirits of the wind and sky over me

to guide my ship as we sail over the sea


Like Viking sailors before us

who sailed east and west

Crossing the sea in their tiny ships

Defying the strong arm of death.


A thousand years ago Leif Erikson

came to this land

We remember his life with a Viking ship

That sailed his course again


Resting now on the distant shore

Neither dream nor memory fades

Still the song of the Viking is sung

In the wind rushing over the waves


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